Extending A Metaphor — Going From The ‘T-Shaped Person’ To ‘The Brush-Shaped Being’

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Bright people know stuff. And they generally interact with other
people who know stuff. Our knowledge fields are ‘T-Shaped’. And our
interactions are generally pretty narrow, taking place along the
narrow shaft of our specialisation, or the low penetration of our
general interests.

What if we were to embrace a more extended metaphor that allows us to
be at home with powerful innovation? What if we could use our bristly
personalities to become drivers of innovation? Are you ready to
declare yourself a ‘The Brush-Shaped Being’?

The Brush-Shaped Being

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I’m delivering a talk to a bunch of MENSA folk this evening. This is my presentation, as shared on SlideShare.

Please feel free to make use of it as you see fit. It’s released under a Creative Commons ‘Attribution, Share-Alike’ license.

I apologise for the way SlideShare has removed the formating from my notes. I believe in white space and paragraph breaks. And for some reason, the conversion process from Open Office Impress to SlideShare ripped out all the carriage returns. I’ll see what I can do about it.