Financial Mastery — a few pictures from Elise and Craig Ellis’s workshop

Categories learning, visual facilitation

Craig and Elise had a full house of delegates at their Financial Mastery workshop in Rivonia today. I was present as Craig’s guest, and I brought my Rectron-sponsored Asus R1E tablet pc with me for the event. I decided to do some pictures summarising the main content.

The concepts are drawn largely from Napolean Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH, along with George Clason’s THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON, with a few twists thrown into the mix by John DeMartini.

My main takeouts from the workshop were:

1. I really must create a ‘10% of all income goes into THIS account FIRST’ account. I USED TO have one. Then my mom got cancer. And I plundered the account down to zero. And didn’t fill it up again. Blah.

2. I want to carry in my pocket my ‘jingle’. It’s a George Clason term, referring to carrying spare cash amounting to the ideal daily amount you’d like to be paid. So, in other words, if my ideal daily payment is R15 000, I should carry that with me as a casual cash amount that I don’t spend. It’s simply there with me at all times.

3. The workshop reminds me that abundance is all around.

The three pictures are by no means the sum of the workshop. They’re just a scraping from the material Elise and Craig offered.

Head for their website to find out more about what they do, and the other workshops they offer, Make sure to visit our Offshore Asset Protection Trusts online. Their company is called Inspirit Life Design. Here’s the address: