Erich Viedge -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Erich Viedge, Business Coach

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

I wanted something for my innovation session that would itself be innovative. I got that and much more.

Roy illustrates concepts using his tablet PC in real time as the facilitator or group is talking.

I was concerned going in to the session that Roy’s work would distract from the session. In fact, the opposite was true.

Delegates remarked that his work actually helped keep them focused.

Roy invited me to give him feedback on his drawings as the day went on. I asked at one point if he could make the contrast between bonsai and huge oak tree greater than it was. And he did so with pleasure. He thrives on the feedback and is professional — he doesn’t take it personally.

I had to change the way I work to accommodate Roy — I gave over the projector and screen to his drawings so didn’t present using Keynote. This meant the session was forced to be much more interactive. In future, I would angle the screen to the side, leaving me and my co-facilitator with the centre spot. But a good experience all round.

I would hire Roy again and recommend him wholeheartedly.

Erich Viedge

Don Packett -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator
Don Packett -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Don Packett, Owner, Thunk!

One of our core products at Thunk! is running Perspective Labs with clients. With the maelstrom of information and ideas that come flying through during these Labs, some concepts are often breezed over or forgotten.

Roy’s visual facilitation really does bring a new dimension to a Lab as he illustrates all that information in an easy-to-view format.

Not only does he take in that info and translate it into visuals, but he becomes part of the conversation, offering his own perspective on objectives and ideas.

He’s also a handsome devil, so we like having him around. Awesome.

Don Packett

Mike Stopforth -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator
Mike Stopforth -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Mike Stopforth, CEO, Cerebra

It’s one thing having the creative aptitude to visually document the highest level of strategic communication, but another kettle of fish having the business insight to add real value to a client.

Roy has both, with a sense of humour to boot.

He is a pleasure to work with and an inspiration to the rest of us mortals!

Mike Stopforth

Stef du Plessis -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator
Stef du Plessis -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Stef du Plessis, International Speaker

During the past 15 years I have been fortunate to speak at some of the world’s most prestigious conventions, where I often get to experience other talent — both in the form of fellow speakers, as well as those who support client conventions in any of a myriad of ways.


When it comes to making the most of delegate experience, Roy Blumenthal is right up there with the very best that I have ever seen.

His offering is, in my view, an essential part of any event where delegate retention of the message is important. His ability to grasp the core message of any speaker, and to then do a real-time translation into a dynamic and visually pleasing key-point summary — for immediate distribution — is remarkable.

Hire this man if you are serious about your delegates walking away with real take-home value.

— Stef du Plessis

Clive Simpkins -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Clive Simpkins, Author, International Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach

Roy, for anyone who was there — you made a PHENOMENAL contribution to the creativity of each person’s presentation and also to the audience’s retention of what they were saying.


This approach was a first for me and I heartily recommend it to any conference organiser who wants to add an edge and highly relevant novelty to their speaker-support system.

— Clive Simpkins

John Tschohl -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator
John Tschohl -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

John Tschohl, Customer Service Consultant

Roy, I like your drawings.

You are very creative and really capture the flow of the seminar.

John Tschohl

Ben Zander -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator
Ben Zander -- on Roy Blumenthal, Visual Facilitator

Ben Zander, Co-Author of THE ART OF POSSIBILITY, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, and Motivational Speaker

‘I’ve been so busy (and rude) that i haven’t written to acknowledge your beautiful drawing/painting. It captured the spirit (and quite a lot of the content) of the event and I will treasure it. In fact, it is on my website.

Thanks so much for pouring your heart (and hand) into The Art of Possibility. What a blast we had that day!

Warmest greetings

‘Till the next time we meet in SA, Ben’

Ben Zander