Are you a teacher looking to inspire the kids in your class?

Are you a parent wanting something unique for your child’s bedroom?

Welcome to “My Custom Classroom” and “My Custom Kid”.

These are hand-drawn, professionally printed height charts that are completely customised specifically for you.

How does it work?

You fill out my online form, where I ask you a bunch of questions. I ask you to upload some reference photos, so that I can make a good likeness. Once you’ve paid, I then go ahead and start drawing the various elements.

Everything gets put together in a high resolution digital file. You get the file, which you can take to a printing company, look mythical maids. Or you get the file AND I have the height chart printed for you. If you’re happy to travel to Johannesburg to pick it up, you’re welcome to do that, once it’s printed. If you can’t pick it up from me, I mail it to you.

The drawing is done in very high resolution on my tablet pc, in Photoshop. I am an illustrator, caricaturist, and sketchnoter, with a background as a writer in the advertising world. So my aim is to make something for you that you’ll find unique and pleasing.

The finished print is done on billboard-quality pvc, using highly-lightfast printing ink. The size of the height chart is 126cm high by 54cm wide. It’s great for anyone from a toddler to a tween. (And if you use the prints I produce, it’ll last for at least five years, and most probably longer. My printer has shown me vivid prints on the same material with the same ink that are between 10 and 14 years old.)

What’s the price?

I’m introducing these height charts at an ultra-low price, which will go up in mid-April. So you should probably order and pay for your height chart now. There are two components.

  1. Drawing. My charge for drawing and designing your custom height chart is ZAR700.
  2. Printing. My charge for printing is ZAR250.

So, if you have it printed yourself, you’ll only pay for the drawing component: R700. If I also print it for you, the total is R950. If you need me to mail it to you, I’ll work that out on a case-by-case basis, and it’ll depend on various factors.

Which one would you like?

A height chart for your classroom? Head for my online questionnaire at

A height chart for you child? The online questionnaire is at:

Looking forward to seeing your order!

How to pay.

If you’re in South Africa, please use SnapScan to pay. Just scan the code below, and make your payment safely and securely.

If you’re ordering from outside South Africa, please make your payment through one of the PayPal buttons below.

My Custom Kid:

My Custom Kid: Drawing Only? Or Printing AND drawing?

My Custom Classroom:

My Custom Classroom: Drawing Only? Or Printing AND drawing?