@docpop’s ‘Pictureless Comic Contest’: Hindsight — 2009-11-04 — Joost and Amor

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@Scottstead, a Twitter buddy of mine, and fellow visual thinker, alerted me to an interesting challenge…

@DocPop threw the gauntlet down, asking artists, illustrators, cartoonists, humans, to create a 4 to 40 panel comic strip with NO PICTURES.

Of course, the only medium in which this can be successfully carried out would be radio. Cos all other media use visuals. And visuals are pictures. Even a written or typed word is a picture.

But what the heck? Maybe he just meant, ‘Traditional pictures’?

My answer to the challenge deals with the scandalous numbskullery of an ex-Springbok Rugby Playing Hero, Joost vd Westhuizen.

Some time ago, the tabloids broke a story in which Joost was seen in a home video snorting cocaine off an extra-marital ladyfriend’s stomach. He was also giving her some of his special Springbok Rugby Love. (You know the type I mean… tonsil massage in the locker room.) All while wearing underpants riddled with holes.

He denied that it was him in the tape. His spiritual leader, Pastor Ray McCauley, of the money-making Rhema Church, apparently denied it was Joost. (I’ve just searched the web for the articles I recall coming out at the time, and I’m struggling to find anything about McCauley’s role that isn’t hearsay.)

Nevertheless… Everybody denied it was Joost.

And his wife Amor stood by his side.

But now he’s gone and let the cat out of the bag. It WAS him. He admits it in his new book. And at the same time, he trash-talks Amor in the most ungentlemanly ways possible. (In fact, I hope his Springbok Rugby Pals round on him in a dark alley and give him some scrummaging lessons as payment for the ugly stuff he’s revealed about his former love.)

The hidden layers in this cartoon make it a bit convoluted for anyone who isn’t fully up to speed with the twists and turns of the saga. But it’s clear enough what’s happening in the surface story regardless.

I thought a bit of history would be in order.

I made this pic in ArtRage 2.5 on my Rectron-sponsored Asus R1E tablet pc. I wore a pair of my own hole-ridden underpants on my head for inspiration.

This pic is released under a Creative Commons ‘Attribution, Share-Alike’ license. This means you are free to use it as you see fit, without asking for my permission. AS LONG AS… you attribute it to me, and you release it under a similar license. I would also appreciate a note letting me know you’re using it. My email address is roy@royblumenthal.com.