These three pics are from a caricaturing/visual facilitation gig I did for Standard Bank through the WinWin Group. It was a three-day job, and involved a looooooooot of caricaturing. I made about 78 pictures during the convention.

One of 78 caricatures I made in three days. This is Pam.

Photographer Craig Owen was taking pictures of the various people and stands at the convention. And he took some candid shots of me at work.

ArtRage 3.05 on my Asus R1E tablet pc.

My subject in these pics takes care of aspects of Standard Bank’s employee health. She tested my blood pressure (perfect), my blood sugar (not too bad, but not ideal), and my cholestrol (terrible).

Caricaturing is a really enjoyable art for me. It’s really cool taking the time to hear about the sitter. The process takes about ten to thirty minutes, depending on how many people are in the queue lining up for their pic to be done.

And it’s really quite an intimate process. Many people have never sat for a portrait ever in their lives. So they feel vulnerable and exposed. I do my very best to set them at ease. We joke. We laugh. I ask them about their favourite things in life When the pic’s finished, I hope that I’ve captured some of their personality in the painting, the line, the composition.

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