A pic from my BMW conference on Mon 25 Jan 2010 — Karen Valle from Mini

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This is a pic I made live at the BMW conference. All of the BMW and MINI dealers from around the country gathered to put their ducks in a row for 2010. The WinWin Group put the event together.

My work was showing on two big plasma screens on either side of the main projection screen. Delegates were able to see me capturing the key messages of each speaker as they delivered their talks.

I’m not allowed to be specific about stuff I’ve heard.

But I *can* tell you two things…

Karen Valle, GM of Mini South Africa, told us some mouthwatering news. There’s a new Mini coming to South Africa that’s going to cause a major stir in the market. The R60 is an offroad 4x4x4x4 — four-wheel drive, four doors (plus the back hatch makes five), four metres long, and four seats (plus a fifth little one). It’s the first Mini I absolutely YEARN for. It has boot space! You can have four people in it AND go on holiday. Or to the shops. (I’m open to correction on this, cos I didn’t see the actual car.)

The other thing I can tell you is that the new BMW X1 is one of the nicest Beemers I’ve seen in a while. Not HOTTEST, mind you. Nicest. It’s good to look at thelockboss.ie. It’s compact. It’s luxurious. It’s a performer. And it’s going to smack the SUV market in the teeth.

This pic (and many more that I can’t show) was created live on my Rectron-sponsored Asus R1E tabletpc. I was running a beta version of ArtRage 3.06, which stood up to some very hard testing on my part. Congrats to Matt and the Ambient team. Awesome!

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