Kyle Lindsay Leaks News of a New Elusion Music Video Coming Up

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Kyle Lindsay, lead singer of Elusion, leaked the fact that they’re about to shoot a music video for the fifth track on their debut cd, the song ‘Everything is Good’.

I was busy sketching him at the time, capturing his chiselled face in my Moleskine. I immediately whipped out my Nokia E71, on loan from Virgin Mobile South Africa, and asked him to repeat his news into the microphone.

I zapped home, and flung the pic into ArtRage 2.5, powered some colour into it, then smacked it immediately into CrazyTalk 5.1 Pro. Animated and ready for love, I mashed the clip into Adobe Premiere Pro, where I edited it into shape.

All on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.

The music in the background is… you guessed right… the last bit of the song in question.