Animated Rich…! Mulholland tells us about Missing Link

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Rich…! Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link. ( ) 

He appeared last Saturday on the television show I work on. I’m the inhouse visual facilitator for Kaleidoscope on CNBC AFRICA, making pictures of the ideas liberated by the interview process.

Because Rich…! was in an insert, the picture I made of him went unaired. So I figured I’d turn it into an animation. I smsed him a rough script, and asked him to send me voice files via email.

He tweaked them, and made them his own, and sent them to me. I did a sound design and audio edit, and then made the speech bubbles to fit.

This little video is the result.

The music is by a Russian heavy metal band that I found on my favourite Creative Commons site, Jamendo ( ). The band’s name is МакЕнтош. . And the song is called “Сердце из камня, душа из металла”. Download the full, unedited song for yourself — it’s terrific:…

If you need any animated summaries made of any of your talks, get in touch with me. I work internationally, and I’m keen to see what I can produce for you. My email address is My online gallery is at

Painting: ArtRage 2.5 & Photoshop CS3. Animation: CrazyTalk 5.1 Pro. Audio Editing: Audacity. Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

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