Graeme Sacks snaps Roy in Killarney — after Roy appeared on eNEWS CHANNEL live

Graeme Sacks (@AfricanABC) popped into Mugg & Bean in Killarney. He took this pic of me demonstrating ArtRage to an interested-party. I’ve been uploading pics I made live on-air this morning at eNEWS CHANNEL. They had a special to celebrate 100 Days To The World Cup, and I was invited to do on-the-spot visual facilitation of the event. These are the pics I made:

Roy Makes a Caricature

Standard Bank held a three-day conference. I was the caricaturist for the Group Corporate Affairs division. These three pics are from a caricaturing/visual facilitation gig I did for Standard Bank through the WinWin Group. It was a three-day job, and involved a looooooooot of caricaturing. I made about 78 pictures during the convention. Photographer Craig Owen was taking pictures of the various people and stands at the convention. And he took some candid shots of me at work. My subject in these pics takes care…Continue Reading “Roy Makes a Caricature”

HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY by Warwick Cairns — a multimedia animated summary

HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY is Warwick Cairns’s second book. It’s all about how the arbitrary ‘safety’ and ‘health’ laws imposed on us by ‘the people who run things’ are actually really bad for us. The book details strategies for taking back our power, and living better lives as a result. This video is a multimedia summary of the book. THE SCRIPTING PROCESS I contacted Warwick with the idea. And he wrote a first draft script. I edited that, and sent it back to him for…Continue Reading “HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY by Warwick Cairns — a multimedia animated summary”

Rich…! Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link. ( )  He appeared last Saturday on the television show I work on. I’m the inhouse visual facilitator for Kaleidoscope on CNBC AFRICA, making pictures of the ideas liberated by the interview process. Because Rich…! was in an insert, the picture I made of him went unaired. So I figured I’d turn it into an animation. I smsed him a rough script, and asked him to send me voice files via email. He tweaked them, and made them…Continue Reading “Animated Rich…! Mulholland tells us about Missing Link”

How to Go About Getting into Visual Facilitation

An ArtRage forum member sent me a message asking me how she could get into doing visual facilitation for a living. I figure my answer to her might be worth sharing. And maybe we can have some dialogue about my thoughts that might open it up and make it a bigger topic for us all. Here’s the main part of my letter to her (with pleasantries removed)… ————————————— Good to hear that there’s another person interested in doing this! It’s an absolutely awesome rush to…Continue Reading “How to Go About Getting into Visual Facilitation”

Live Visual Facilitation Coverage of the 27 Dinners Jozi Chat — Mon 28 July 2008

If you’re one of the people who can’t make it to 27 Dinners tonight, I’ll be doing a live visual facilitation of the event, along with live-blogging of the pics I make. If anyone wants to write commentary, please contact me on or, and I’ll add you as a producer on my CoverItLive console. (You need to be running Firefox 2.* or Internet Explorer for the console to work on your machine.) This live blog is my first public run using CoverItLive. So…Continue Reading “Live Visual Facilitation Coverage of the 27 Dinners Jozi Chat — Mon 28 July 2008”

Roy Blumenthal does a visual facilitation for top international speakers at the NSASA Convention 2008

Welcome to Roy Blumenthal’s visual facilitation pictures made during the NSASA Convention 2008, at the Sibaya Convention Centre near Durban. Roy Blumenthal is a Professional Member of the Johannesburg chapter of the National Speakers Association of Southern Africa. View his NSASA profile page at, and consider hiring him to create a memorable record of your next event. After observing and being on the receiving end of Roy in action during the conference, Joe Sherren, President of the International Federation for Professional Speakers, sent this…Continue Reading “Roy Blumenthal does a visual facilitation for top international speakers at the NSASA Convention 2008”

Using a tablet pc to make art

This is a recent post of mine on the ArtRage Tips and Tricks forum… Here’s my solution to the tablet pc angle conundrum… In this pic, you see it configured for use on a tripod. That’s why I have the artist’s palette slotted in at the front. Normally when I’m at my desk, I don’t slot the palette in. But the keyboard and mouse are standard accompanying dishes. The tablet all alone on the easel is a bit lacking. I find that I need the…Continue Reading “Using a tablet pc to make art”

Intense ‘crash test’ — ArtRage survives — with some tweaks

Here’s a post I recently offered to the ArtRage feedback forum… I recently stumbled into becoming a visual facilitator. It’s a field that requires real-time live capturing of people’s ideas in a meeting or seminar. The visual facilitator basically sits in the room capturing the content of the session, interpreting it visually. Some visual facilitators use traditional art-making tools. I use my tablet pc, with ArtRage 2.5, with a video projector hooked to my machine, displaying my stuff in-progress on the back wall of the…Continue Reading “Intense ‘crash test’ — ArtRage survives — with some tweaks”

Roy’s Visual Facilitation — a one-sheet of what’s on offer

Roy’s Visual Facilitation — a one-sheet of what’s on offer, originally uploaded by royblumenthal. Having recently come across the field of ‘visual facilitation’, I’m striding headlong into this as a way of earning my living. This is a quick read for people to get a sense of what it is I do. It’s little more than a skim overview. But hopefully it arouses some curiosity. From the top, the interventions I’ve used are: o John Tschohl ( o Benjamin Zander ( He wrote to me…Continue Reading “Roy’s Visual Facilitation — a one-sheet of what’s on offer”