The Daily Maverick’s ‘The Election Gathering’ 2014 — Graphic Harvesting by Roy Blumenthal

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Thanks to Styli Charalambous, I was at the excellent ‘The Election Gathering’ 2014, held at Gold Reef City.

It was a day filled with political discussion, by the players who will be participating in our coming election.

One of the most interesting moments for me was when Rehad Desai, a leftie and activist, called on South Africans to either spoil their vote, or vote strategically, but NOT to vote for the ANC. His point is that the ANC needs to be sent a clear and hard message that ANC supporters are bitterly unhappy with the leadership of the ANC.

Here are the visual facilitation pictures I made during the sessions. Two of them (Max du Preez, and Zille/Vavi/Ramphele/Gigaba) were done on my graphic harvesting machine — my Fujitsu T901, using Photoshop CC to do the drawing. The rest were done on my iPad 2, using Sketch Club for the drawing.

These pics are freely usable by you under a Creative Commons ‘Attribution’ license. Download and use as you see fit. For any reason. Any purpose. Remix at will.