Parents Evening at Steyn City School (sketchnotes bring the evening to life)

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These 13 pics were made while Jennifer Cosslett was chatting to parents of the kids in her grade 4 class at Steyn City School in Johannesburg. If you have some pictures and want to reach the right online audiences, just visit

The images were shown live on a big screen beside with the cleaning services at Jen, and I was working in Photoshop on my Wacom MobileStudio Pro art machine.

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This is the full poster-version of the pic.
The agenda for the evening.
Our Village.
About Me (about Jennifer).
Core Skills (in the classroom).
Who Is In Charge of Your Body? (The kids in Jen’s class eat and drink when they want, and go to the loo without asking. She’s prepping her kids for the real world.)
Being a Life-Long Learner. (Read to your kids. Read together. Have books in the house.)
The Great Outdoors. (Jen takes her class out into the grounds regularly. She uses project-based learning to make each outdoor session full of rich content.)
Tour. (Near the beginning of the year, Jen leads the kids in a 3-day getaway, where the kids do all sorts of fun stuff.)
Whatsapp. (Jen runs a Whatsapp group for all of the parents in her class. She takes pics of the kids doing interesting things. And shares with parents.)
Other Stuff. (Potso, the Zulu teacher, chatted about his approach to language teaching. And Jennifer explained her magic lucky ball system for allocating seats every Wednesday. Kids in her class learn how to work in groups.)
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