Misogynist Hairdressers Guild Badge — Sticker Prank

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This has been a prank idea for a very long time…

To make a sticker to place surreptitiously on the doors of hairdressers who butcher women’s hair.

I mean, seriously… there MUST be a secret guild of hairdressers dedicated to giving women reallllllllllllly bad hair advice and hair treatments and hairdos.

Think of ‘older’ women with blue rinses. You think they’d do that to themselves without being nudged by their hair salon??? Come on! Nobody wants to look like a poodle!

If you like this little piece of artwork, please feel free to make printouts on your colour laser printer (an inkjet will run in the rain). Cut them out. Place them in NEARLY hidden positions on the front doors of salons who perpetrate atrocities on women’s hair.

The badges shouldn’t be too big. I’d estimate that they should be no bigger than the palm of your hand.

This serves two purposes.

1. Any bigger, and the badges will be discovered too quickly to do any good.

2. You can easily approach a door IN BROAD DAYLIGHT with one of them concealed in your hand. Rest against the door briefly. Catch your breath. Move on. And the perpetrator is marked!

There’s a version in B&W too.

I made this pic in two packages: CorelDraw 10.0 for the typography and design; Photoshop CS2 for the image manipulation and colouring.As source material, I did a Google image search for ‘bad hair’. And found some glorious horrors. I’ve manipulated this one beyond recognition. All, as usual, on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.stickerprank, sticker, prank, royblumenthal, blumenthal