Live Sketchnoting of TED2016 (via the TEDxJOHANNESBURG live stream at the Deloitte Greenhouse in Woodmead, Johannesburg)

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TED2016 Radical Repatterning and Code Power
00 TED2016 Start
01 TED2016 -- Adam Savage -- Radical Repatterning
02 TED2016 -- Cedric Villani -- Radical Repatterning
03 TED2016 -- So Percussion -- Radical Repatterning
04 TED2016 -- Joe Gebbia -- Radical Repatterning
05 TED2016 -- Travis Kalanick -- Radical Repatterning
06 TED2016 -- Haley van Dyck -- Radical Repatterning
07 TED2016 -- Linus Torvalds -- Code Power
08 TED2016 -- Reshma Saujani -- Code Power
09 TED2016 -- Mary Norris -- Code Power
10 TED2016 -- R Luke DuBois -- Code Power
11 TED2016 -- Meron Gibretz -- Code Power
12 TED2016 -- Rafaello D'Andrea -- Code Power
12 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Aida Muluneh interviewed by Neelika Jayawardane
11 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Amit Sood
10 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Ashraf Jamal
9 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Blaise Aguera Y Arcas
8 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Buhlebezwe Siwani
7 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Cobi Labuscagne
6 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Jim Chuchu
5 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Lerato Shadi
4 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Neelika Jayawardane
3 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Pamela Joyner
2 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- William Kentridge
1 of 12 TEDxJohannesburg -- Zoe Whitley
TEDxJohannesburg -- Abundance GRID
#TEDxJohannesburg -- #Abundance -- 22 Speakers
2 of 2: TEDxJohannesburg -- The Age of Amazement -- Wow Oh Wow
1 of 2: TEDxJohannesburg -- The Age of Amazement -- Big Hairy Audacious Goals
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I was privileged to be the live sketchnote artist/visual facilitator during two sessions of the Vancouver-based TED2016.

I was located in the amazing ideation space, the DELOITTE GREENHOUSE, in Woodmead. The speakers were all streamed to a video projector in the venue. And my sketchnotes were displayed in real time on a screen beside the TED talks.

One lovely piece of gear at the venue was a wireless transmitter from my computer to the projector. This meant I didn’t need any cables. It was seamless, and every line I drew on my machine appeared instantaneously on the projector screen. Very cool widget. I want one.

Enjoy the pics. The main one — the big poster — was made in two phases…

1. The speaker caricatures were done beforehand, during a morning of pre-production. This included me creating the background image, and preplanning roughly where each of the talks would be placed.

2. The live capturing of the talks themselves. That happened before the eyes of the TEDx audience.

The twelve speaker pics were all taken from the main picture, and simply resized and repositioned during a morning of post-production the day after the event.

As always, I am available for YOUR conference or event, to make the material come alive. Book me via email at, or via Whatsapp or Telegram or SMS or Phone call on +27 74 104 6386. I work internationally, and I’m based in Johannesburg. I also do presentation coaching.