Kessels Smit brains trust session — questions that intrigue us

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Jennifer Cosslett Question, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

Jennifer and I attended a brains trust meeting this morning. She was there in her capacity as a newly elected member of the Ministry of Creativity in the Crawford Group. She’s part of an elite team tasked with transforming the schools in the Crawford Group for the better.

Mark Turpin ran the event as part of the work he does with his learning consultancy, Kessels Smit.

He started off by splitting delegates into pairs, with this task: to talk about something great happening in our lives at the moment, and then to formulate a question that intrigues us.

I made pics of everyone’s questions, paraphrasing them in my own words.

The morning was a huge success. As far as I can tell from the feedback, people felt energised, and much utility was enjoyed by all. Not to mention an incredible lunch prepared by Giselle, Mark’s wife.

All of the paintings today were made on the fly on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, running ArtRage 2.5, as part of my ongoing commitment to improving my Visual Facilitation skills.(All of the paintings are in the set.)