GT247 — Infographic for the launch of MobiTrader

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When GT247 launched their iOS and Android version of the mobile spread-trading app, Mobi Trader, they asked me to create a graphic explaining why it’s a great idea to take control of your own investments.

There are seven tableaus in this pic. You’ll be able to see them if you view it in high res. The central pic is your starting point, bottom left is your second stop, top left is your third stop, progressing round clockwise.

The pic was designed as both a standalone poster for GT247 to print, and as a performance piece at their launch event.

For the performance, I had the pic open in ArtRage on my tablet pc, with parts of each tableau covered with paint the same colour as the background.

As each item was spoken about by the presenter, I zoomed in on the relevant portion of the canvas, and used my eraser to reveal the picture.

I used a similar technique for a high-level event I did for Deloitte.