Spend only R2500 per day for Roy’s sketchnoting this Black Friday! And… every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till the end of February 2018! (My normal daily rate is R23 000. So you’re saving big!)

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So you’ve got a year-end function. Your people are tired. You want them to engage with the material you’re presenting. Or you’re planning something for early 2018. People are just coming back from leave.

What you need is a live sketchnoter. A visual facilitator who will make the words come to life, so that people can easily see your point.

That sketchnoter is me.

I work digitally, on a big screen. I’m interactive. Delegates get digital copies of my pictures at the end of the event.

Companies who use my services employ my visuals in all sorts of ways.

You can:

  • Print a wall-sized mural of my visual interpretation of the content of your talk.
  • Use individual pictures to make your annual report or your PowerPoints more vivid.
  • Convert my graphic into a presentation.
  • Turn my picture into a graphic roadmap of where your company is headed.

The options are limitless.

How do we take advantage of this offer?

Just send me an email, reserving me for as many Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays till the end of February 2018 that you’d like me to be available for you. (As of this writing, I’m still available for Black Friday itself — 24 November 2017.)

Jennifer will check my bookings, and if I’m available, she’ll send you an invoice.

As soon as you pay in full — R2500 for each of the days you want me — the reserved booking turns into a confirmed booking, and I’ll be there for you.

My email address is: roy@royblumenthal.com or royblumenthal@gmail.com.

This offer is regrettably only for the Johannesburg/Pretoria area. Unless you book me for several days out of town, and sort out transport and accommodation. In which case I’m happy to travel. Fridays are full-price.

This is a first-come, first-served offer. Whoever pays up front first gets my services. Hurry! Act now. Email me on roy@royblumenthal.com or royblumenthal@gmail.com.