Bambi stars in her very own Matinee Soup 2008 Calendar, now on selling at Zazzle!

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I’ve just put the finishing touches on a gorgeous product of mine at Zazzle. Yup… it’s a calendar for 2008 featuring my doggie-heroine, Bambi.

Click on the image below, and you can zap off to Zazzle and order a neat present for the New Year.

The calendar is an all-ages one. There’s a cartoon for every month, along with a selected quote shedding light on the humour.

Everything I make on Zazzle is customizable by you. So if you want to add someone’s name to the calendar, please go ahead. Or you don’t like my background colours… change them to something that works for you.

(There are loads of other things of mine on my Zazzle gallery. So if the Matinee Soup 2008 Calendar floats your boat, maybe something else will too!)