FVPA — 2017-02-17 — Gerrit Olivier — Discourse

The most contentious thing about Foucault is his notion that we are controlled by our discourses. (I don’t find this contentious at all. I believe it be true.) It is up to each individual to be aware of the many discourses active in the world at any given time. Awareness can "defang" a discourse. We have numerous lenses. If we are aware of the idea that we are viewing the world through lenses, this gives us the chance to spot the discourses operating on us.

FVPA Gerrit Olivier — First lecture — representation

I’m doing my Masters in Digital Arts this year at Wits. I’m also tutoring in two first year subjects…Film, Visual & Performing Arts (FVPA), and Digital Art Practice. This afternoon, the lecture theatre was filled with first year students getting their first exposure to the idea of REPRESENTATION. I was in the front row taking visual notes of Prof Gerrit Olivier’s lecture.