05 RMB Durban — Panel

My trusty Wacom MobileStudioPro accompanied me to Durban yesterday (Monday, 7 May 2018) to live-illustrate sketchnotes of RMB’s "Minds That Matter" powwow with University students interested in getting into the world of banking. I made these six pics during the event, graphic recording key insights. As always, I’ll be super happy to lend my visual facilitation skills to YOUR next event. If that’s something you’d like to explore, please email me at royblumenthal@gmail.com. Or Whatsapp me on +27741046386. (Voicemail is never a good idea for…Continue Reading “05 RMB Durban — Panel”

2 of 2: TEDxJohannesburg — The Age of Amazement — Wow Oh Wow

I attended the second half of TEDxJohannesburg’s screening of highlights from TED2018. This pic contains the key messages from the last six talks in the screening. I made this pic on my Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13, using Photoshop CC2018. I am available to sketchnote/visual facilitate/graphic record YOUR event for R8400 per day, or R5400 per half-day. Contact me on royblumenthal@gmail.com to book me.

Spend only R2500 per day for Roy’s sketchnoting this Black Friday! And… every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till the end of February 2018! (My normal daily rate is R23 000. So you’re saving big!)

So you’ve got a year-end function. Your people are tired. You want them to engage with the material you’re presenting. Or you’re planning something for early 2018. People are just coming back from leave. What you need is a live sketchnoter. A visual facilitator who will make the words come to life, so that people can easily see your point. That sketchnoter is me. I work digitally, on a big screen. I’m interactive. Delegates get digital copies of my pictures at the end of the…Continue Reading “Spend only R2500 per day for Roy’s sketchnoting this Black Friday! And… every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till the end of February 2018! (My normal daily rate is R23 000. So you’re saving big!)”

#CreativeMornings — @Trevor_Stuurman — #Death — Nov 2017 — #Sketchnotes by @RoyBlumenthal

Trevor Stuurman talked about how death provides opportunities to find blessings and lessons. I was in the front row at VEGA, making this sketchnote on my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. As always, I’m available to live sketchnote YOUR next event. I charge R22k per day, but my Thursdays are subject to insane price-gouging… I have a “Roy’s Thursday Deal Day” going, where you get me for R2500 for the whole day. Take advantage. It’s a first-come-first-pay-first-served basis. Whoever books me and pays for the gig…Continue Reading “#CreativeMornings — @Trevor_Stuurman — #Death — Nov 2017 — #Sketchnotes by @RoyBlumenthal”

My background preproduction template for this Friday’s @CreativeMornings talk on DEATH by @Trevor_Stuurman (Instagram handle). @welovenicework #jhb_cm #creativemornings #sketchnotes

Had some time this afternoon. So I spent some of it making this template for this coming Creative Mornings event. Normally, I do all of this on the day. But heck… might as well use the gap to do all the processing with respective to the Maidsalamode.com which gives something with a bit of pre-thought. (As always, I’m available to do live sketchnoting at your next event. Get hold of me on Whatsapp on +27741046386, or email on royblumenthal@gmail.com.)

#SketchNotes @BenjaminFelis is running his Visualization Techniques workshop in Joburg

I feel privileged to have been invited to add my touch to Benjamin’s drawing workshop. He’s been teaching beginners how to communicate using pictures they draw. Awesome workshop! (I was sitting in the room with my Cintiq Companion 2, drawing some of the stuff he was talking about. If you want me in YOUR workshop or conference, hit me up on Whatsapp on +27741046386, or email on royblumenthal@gmail.com.)

#sketchnotes Jonathan Jansen (@jj_ufs) talking about INCLUSION — “Be present”

Whatsapp: +27 74 104 6386 Email: royblumenthal@gmail.com As a digital visual facilitator, I make speakers look great by bringing their material to life in hand-painted full-colour pictures. In real-time. As they speak. I hook my tablet pc to a video projector, and paint visual interpretations of their words on a big screen. Think of me as a live, interactive replacement for PowerPoint. I visually summarise, interpret, make sense of, and highlight their content. I’m happy to be at YOUR next event. Hit me up on…Continue Reading “#sketchnotes Jonathan Jansen (@jj_ufs) talking about INCLUSION — “Be present””

My #sketchnotes of Gilli Apter (@Gillog) — Compassion — #CreativeMornings @WeLoveNiceWork @CraftCoffeeSA @market_theatre #jhb_cm

Sitting in the front row of the upstairs theatre at The Market Theatre. Gilli Apter has been talking about Compassion in Comedy for this month’s Creative Mornings talk. I’m here with my Wacom Companion 2 on my lap, capturing the gist of what she talks about. As always, I’m available for YOUR event. If you want more info, get hold of me on email at royblumenthal@gmail.com or Whatsapp on +27741046386. Don’t leave voice messages. I’m mostly too busy to take the call or even listen…Continue Reading “My #sketchnotes of Gilli Apter (@Gillog) — Compassion — #CreativeMornings @WeLoveNiceWork @CraftCoffeeSA @market_theatre #jhb_cm”

My #sketchnotes of @TeganBristow — Genius — #CreativeMornings #jhb_cm @welovenicework

Sitting in the audience at the Market Theatre with my loan unit Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13. \Tegan Bristow talking about GENIUS, and how that relates to technology an collaboration in South Africa (and the rest of the world). Here are a few of the points she made. As always, I’m available to make pictures of YOUR talks. Contact me. Whatsapp is best — +27741046386. Email is good — royblumenthal@gmail.com. Oh… something you should know… I have a social experiment happening… Thursdays you can get…Continue Reading “My #sketchnotes of @TeganBristow — Genius — #CreativeMornings #jhb_cm @welovenicework”


I’m using a loan machine right now from Wacom. It’s the 13 inch STUDIO PRO. My Companion 2 is going to Germany for repairs. Something odd has been happening with the temperature regulating mechanism. So it’s been crashing at really inopportune times. I’ve been configuring the Studio Pro to match the settings on my Companion 2, so that my workflow remains intact. Unfortunately, the Studio Pro, while having a vastly superior screen, and much less weight, has NO USB 3.0 ports, and THREE USB C…Continue Reading “Flower”