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Working together with you, our goal is for you to add an extra zero to the amount you get paid monthly. I’ll restate that mathematically… I want you to easily multiply your income by TEN, within six months.

I want you to earn ten times more than you’re currently earning.


Roy’s CoachOnUp program is a unique coaching program for graphic recorders and facilitators.

What made a big difference for me is Roy’s deep understanding of the graphic facilitation world and his keen intuition in regard to what motivates people and what holds them back.

At the same time, he has a great sense of humour, and his visualizations help me see things from a different perspective than my own.

All of this has helped me to understand what it is that drives me, how I can be in control of where I am going, and how to be more appreciative of what I have achieved so far.

It’s been a great experience, and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to grow as a graphic facilitator.

Julian Kücklich


When this challenging idea was first put to me, my immediate gut response was this… “Rubbish! This isn’t possible! How can I possibly multiply my income by ten?!?”

At the time, I was a freelance advertising copywriter. I was already a seasoned veteran, and I thought I was charging a fortune. I didn’t believe I could earn more as a copywriter. I met a guy at a cocktail party, and we started chatting. Turns out that he was a consultant who helped people turn their business ideas into franchises. He also helped other consultants run million dollar consultancies.

We exchanged cards, and agreed to meet for coffee and a chat.

We met up at his “office away from the office” — a table at the Johannesburg Country Club, where he was a member.

His first question to me was this: “How much do you earn at the moment?”

This was a good ten or fifteen years ago. At that time, I was earning an average of around R10000 per freelance copywriting engagement, normally around three days of work.

His second question to me was the following: “Roy… what can you do to add an extra zero to that amount?”

The question short-circuited my brain. I genuinely went into a sort of blank holding pattern, where my thoughts stopped working. It felt like I was being stood up in a classroom and asked to explain why I had wet my pants. My heart was racing. My ears thudded. And I felt small and stupid.

There’s a good chance you feel the same disbelief I did.

If you’re anything at all like me, you’ve examined your current offering from all angles. And you’re charging exactly the right amount for the value you create.

And you’re right. You ARE charging the right amount.

But you’re not answering the right question with that response. I know, because I wasn’t answering the right question either. I was reacting to the madness of adding an extra zero to my price. It just didn’t compute. So what I was hearing was, “Why aren’t you charging ten times more for what you do?”

But that’s not the question.

The question is worth repeating. And I’m going to do that. But before I repeat the question, I’m going to assure you that it’s EASY to multiply your income by ten. Approximately five months after that mindblowing cup of coffee at a table in a country club, I wrote my first invoice for ten times my normal fee. Two months later, I wrote my second. And I’ve been doing that regularly ever since. AND YOU CAN TOO!

So here’s that question again, in the form of a challenge that will be answered with us working together… “What CAN YOU DO to add an extra zero to your income?”


When you enter into a coaching scrum with me, we’ll have six modules, with two sessions each module. At the end of your six modules, you’ll add an extra zero to your income as a visual facilitator/sketchnoter/graphic recorder/creative professional. You’ll multiply whatever you’re earning right now by ten.


Framework Icon 01 -- Result

The first module will have us going over WHAT you want, and WHY you want it. We’ll fill in this RIVAS “Results Process”, and you’ll be on the road to achieving your goals.


Framework Icon 02 -- Value Proposition

The second module will have us briefly REVIEWING how you’re doing with your goals. And then we’ll go into looking at exactly WHAT YOU OFFER your clients (and what they need, and think they need, and what they don’t know they need). We’ll find out what your VALUE PROPOSITION is. We’ll also look at areas you excel in, and areas that need improving.


Framework Icon 03 -- Systems

The third module will have us EXAMINING AND TWEAKING your billing system. Some freelancers struggle intensely with this aspect of their business. And we’ll see where the bottlenecks are, and we’ll fix them together. CASHFLOW is an exciting thing. You’ll also meet Jennifer, my billing queen.


Framework Icon 04 -- Self CARE

The fourth module will have us looking at the PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS. We’ll be finding ways to self-nurture, using the “CARE” system — Calm, Accepted, Resonant, Energetic. The outcome here is for you to be able to go about your business with CONFIDENCE and BOLDNESS, and remain GROUNDED and AUTHENTIC.


Framework Icon 05 -- Selling

The fifth module turns you from a reluctant non-salesperson into someone who really understands HOW TO HELP POTENTIAL CLIENTS GET MUCH MORE OUT OF WORKING WITH YOU. Selling doesn’t have to be intimidating. And it doesn’t have to look like selling.


Framework Icon 06 -- Relationships

The sixth module ends the framework with you setting up PRODUCTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. This is about communicating with the people you do business with. Setting up ways of relating to them better. And using your relationships to take your income ever higher.


We’ll meet online, using ZOOM as our connection tool. Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long.


Individual 1-on-1 Coaching:

We’ll spend 50 minutes together every session.

You’ll have unrestricted daily email follow-up from me. You have a query… send me an email. And I’ll answer it in a maximum of 24 hours, but I’ll definitely endeavour to answer faster than that. This premium email support will continue for three months after our sixth session.

If you pay per module, the price is US$165 (R2250).

If you pay for all six modules upfront, you get a 10% discount. This means you pay less than US$150 (R2025) per module, for a total of US$891 (R12150). You save US$99 (R1350)!

If you need more than two sessions for a particular module, we’ll make an arrangement for more meetings. We’ll price those at US$90 (R1225) per additional 50-minute meeting.


Some of my clients prefer to remain anonymous. Some are happy to have their names mentioned. Here are what people are saying about their coaching sessions with me…

“Roy is very perceptive and quickly got to the heart of some key issues. He offered creative ideas I’d not considered and focused on manageable actions for me to build momentum. I’m off and running and looking forward to our next session.”
— Caryn Ginsberg
“It was great to set out a major desired result for myself in the session with Roy. In the 24 hours since our first session, I’ve taken concrete steps to turning that desired result to reality.”
— Anonymous
“Roy helped me to ‘cut the elephant’ into manageable pieces so they do look more achievable. And furthermore, he gave me confidence that my goal is achievable.”
— Paule Andre
“Roy provides a great mix of structured thinking activities, open-ended discussion and follow-up to help me get the maximum from the coaching relationship. I continue to be impressed with how he goes above and beyond what I expect.”
— Caryn Ginsberg


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