Roy’s avatar — Wild Latte — sitting in Illusions in Second Life — wide shot

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Thanks very much to Tynan Clary (Tynan Clary: tumbling through Second Life) who’s actually Susan Reynolds (Case-Notes from the Artsy Asylum).

She’s been helping me get myself alive and well in Second Life. Thanks to her advice and help and reading list, I was able to escape from the hell of perpetual nudity and helplessness, and sculpt myself a clothed avatar that looks something like me.

Wild Latte is my name.

In this pic, I’m sitting in the peaceful garden on the same property as an amazing Second Life shop that Tynan Clary directed me to. It’s called ‘Illusions’. This link teleports you to the store, so if you don’t have Second Life, you’ll need it in order to see the place: Illusions.

Apart from the fact that the place is an artistic wonderland, there are also freebies for people there. When I arrived on the island, I met a delightful shop assistant who handed me a free package of goodies. We chatted about things like protocol, politeness, being open to new knowledge. That sort of thing.

I haven’t played with the new goodies yet. But I will.