HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY by Warwick Cairns — a multimedia animated summary

HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY is Warwick Cairns’s second book. It’s all about how the arbitrary ‘safety’ and ‘health’ laws imposed on us by ‘the people who run things’ are actually really bad for us. The book details strategies for taking back our power, and living better lives as a result. This video is a multimedia summary of the book. THE SCRIPTING PROCESS I contacted Warwick with the idea. And he wrote a first draft script. I edited that, and sent it back to him for…Continue Reading “HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY by Warwick Cairns — a multimedia animated summary”

Rich…! Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link. ( )  He appeared last Saturday on the television show I work on. I’m the inhouse visual facilitator for Kaleidoscope on CNBC AFRICA, making pictures of the ideas liberated by the interview process. Because Rich…! was in an insert, the picture I made of him went unaired. So I figured I’d turn it into an animation. I smsed him a rough script, and asked him to send me voice files via email. He tweaked them, and made them…Continue Reading “Animated Rich…! Mulholland tells us about Missing Link”

Here’s my latest little bit of messing around in CrazyTalk 5.1. This is a pic I made of Jacob ‘Laduma’ Zuma back when controversy hit him really hard. (Please don’t confuse him with Zu-Ma Se Poes. Different politician.) I’m experimenting with some ideas that Conrad Koch and I have been discussing. This is one of those experiments. Roy Blumenthal is a writer, director, artist, and visual facilitator. Hire him to make pictures of your meetings or workshops.