2008-01-16 Welcome to Your New Classroom With Jennifer

Categories creativity, learning, visual facilitation

Yesterday I helped Jennifer set up her classroom. I installed some shelves for the kids to pop their shoes into. And I also did a little drawing of Jennifer on the whiteboard.

I took a few snapshots of it with my Nokia N91 phone camera. And then transferred them to my computer.

Then Photoshop CS2 came into play in a big way to sharpen the images, and reconfigure the elements into a more pleasing composition. (More pleasing to me, that is.)

And of course, colouring and texturing.

I’ve made this pic for Jennifer to print on canvas and use every year as a banner to hang in her room.

(The name tag I made for her was an absolute hit. Kids and parents loved it. Colleagues were a little put out, because most of them insist on being called ‘Mister’ and ‘Missus’, rather than by their first names.)

I did the linework for this pic using eraseable whiteboard markers on a white surface in Jen’s class. I took photos with my Nokia N91. And worked extensively on the images in Photoshop CS2. All on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.