Roy offers four key products to power up your message.

1. Visual Facilitation

Roy draws pictures, cartoons, caricatures interpreting the content of your talk. People see the drawings as he makes them on a big screen, using a tablet pc. Your talk becomes more memorable, and knowledge points are anchored visually. Visual Facilitation is also known as Graphic Facilitation, Sketch-noting, graphic recording.

2. Caricatures

Roy is available for live caricaturing sessions. He makes comic pictures of people.

Roy is fully equipped to stream his drawings live on YouTube via Google Hangouts, to give your event an even wider reach.

3. Animated Summaries

Roy records your speech, edits it down to the key points, and makes an animated video delivering your content.

4. Dynamic Presentations

Roy can take your ‘Death-By-PowerPoint’ snoozefest and turn it into something that will be talked about and remembered. More importantly, you’ll be known as a power-presenter.

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He creates live, on-the-spot, painted interpretations of talks, projecting his original artworks on a big screen. All paintings are digital, and are available to delegates at the end of the event.


  • Daytime hourly rate: R2 865 (US$357, €276: approximate US dollar and euro prices, actual prices fluctuate according to exchange rate). Minimum booking of two hours.
  • Night-time hourly rate: R3 255 (US$405, €315: approximate US dollar and euro prices, actual prices fluctuate according to exchange rate). Minimum booking of two hours.



  • R2 865 (US$357, €276)/hour, with a minimum booking of two hours.


  • R3 255 (US$405, €315)/hour, with a minimum booking of two hours, ending no later than 11pm.


If required to travel outside of the Gauteng area, Roy charges R1 800 per day over and above his fee. This excludes actual travel costs, which are to be borne by client.


For events outside Gauteng, client makes and pays for all bookings of rented vehicles, hotels, airfares, and meals. If Roy is required to do preparatory work during a flight, he requires a business class (or better) seat. Economy class is fine in all other cases. But he prefers to be on the INSIDE of the plane, not in the cargo hold. Thanks for understanding.


He produces custom-made animated caricatures which deliver summaries in the speaker’s own voice. These movies make ideal promos to put on your website. They’re also excellent as client giveaways.


  • Price will be quoted as per client requirements.

Here are some examples of animated summaries I’ve made…

Here’s one I did for Rich…! at Missing Link:

Here’s one I did for Warwick Cairns, summarizing his book, HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY:

And here’s one I made for Paul du Toit, a public speaker:

Finally, here’s an animated testimonial of what I do from Keith Wilmot, Global Director: Insights, Ideas, & Creativity for the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta:

Can you picture it? Roy can! And here’s his portfolio of publically viewable paintings from visual facilitations he’s done for companies and on television.

If you’d like to book Roy for your next event, please feel free to email Jennifer at

4. Dynamic Presentations:

Pricing for these is project-based, and varies massively, depending on what’s required. Chat to Roy about what you’re going to be talking about, and he’ll be able to give you a better idea of what’s involved. Email him at