Roy's Thursday Deal Day@0,75x


I’ve noticed that my Thursdays are less booked than other days.

So I’ve decided to do an experiment…

I’ve created a “first come, first served” Thursday Deal Day. If you book and pay for me to do sketchnoting on a Thursday, you can have me for the extremely special price of just R2500 for the day.

You can buy as many Thursdays as you like at that price, through to the end of this year. As long as you pay for them upfront, I’m yours on those days.

(Of course, this would exclude travel and accommodation outside a 50km radius from Johannesburg. But we can discuss those details.)

Here’s what you get on my Thursday Deal Day for R2500…

  • My undivided sketchnoting and illustrating attention for the whole day (standard 8-hour day — you supply the lunch!)
  • My visual facilitation brain, making sense of the things people are saying in your meetings, your training sessions, your conferences.
  • You get to think of me as your “Drawing Dude”.
  • All of my pictures are created digitally, in Photoshop, as high resolution files. So you can use the images in presentations, in marketing materials, in press releases, or even as wall-sized murals. Not to mention on t-shirts and mugs.

Just to give you a sense of the scale of this deal… my normal daily rate is approximately R21000. So this is a MASSIVE saving for you.

So can you think of something coming up on a Thursday where my skills might be useful? Send me an email or a Whatsapp right now to book me! Here’s my email address: And here’s my Whatsapp number: +27741046386. Book me! Let’s make your Thursday an engaged day!

Use my SnapScan QR code to pay via credit card…

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