Doodle Using ‘SketchBook Mobile Express’ For Android

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I’ve been yearning for a decent drawing app for my Android phone (I have an HTC DESIRE). MAGIC DOODLE was the closest I was able to get to actually USING the phone for drawing. But it had too many drawbacks for it to become anything more than a curiosity.

Now, AutoDesk has risen to the challenge by releasing SketchBook Mobile Express for Android. The app has been around for ages on the iPhone and iPad.

My verdict? It’s absolutely brilliant! Totally intuitive way of choosing tools, colours, resizing brushes, working with layers. Potent user interface.

Limitations? It’s the free version of a much more potent app. So it seems you can only work with a total of three active layers, you can’t save a work-in-progress, you can only export PNG versions of your image, your canvas size is limited, and you have a limited number of tools.

Biggest limitation? Being a South African citizen means I’m persona non-grata in the world of Google Apps Store. We’re STILL not allowed to buy anything. So the paid-version remains out of reach. Come on, Google! Wake up! The world is not limited to America!